Friends House

Meet Our Board

The Friends House Board of Directors maintains oversight of Friends House and actively promotes its mission, vision, strategic goals, policies, programs and services. It is the Board’s responsibility to establish overall policy, ensure financial health and stability and follow trends in the field of Continuing Care Retirement Communities in order to make informed decisions. In doing its work, the Board is guided by the Quaker testimonies of service, equality, integrity, simplicity, and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

In accordance with its by-laws, the Friends House Board must have at least one member who is a current resident of Friends House. In addition, the Friends House Resident Association President and a resident volunteer appointed by the Residents’ Association attend board meetings to ensure fluid communication between the board, the staff and the residents.


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Board of Directors Members

Ramona Buck

Barbara Gibian
Assistant Clerk

Margaret Meyer
Recording Clerk

Kendall Anthony
Alternate Recording Clerk

Ross Capon

Jim Bell
Board Member

Jade Eaton
Board Member

William Foskett
Board Member

Hunter McKay
Board Member

Jennifer Newton
Board Member

Laurita Portee
Board Member

William Schauffler
Board Member

John Smallwood
Board Member

Elizabeth Willson
Board Member



Friends House Senior Association Representatives

Irma Guthrie
President, Senior Assoc.


Kathleen Keller
VP, Senior  Assoc.

Nancy Rea 
VP, Senior  Assoc.