17340 Quaker Lane
Sandy Spring, Maryland 20860

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Aging Well With Friends

Our approach to wellness addresses physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational and emotional health. Specific examples for each category include:


  • Geriatric physician practice on campus
  • Monthly workshops, seminars on health-related topics, such as nutrition, building core strength, etc.
  • Team and individual participation in Maryland Senior Olympics
  • Yoga instruction, therapeutic massage and acupuncture


  • Intergenerational exchanges with students at nearby school
  • Friendly callers and visitors for home-bound seniors to prevent feeling of isolation
  • Annual community-wide wellness celebration
  • Walking and sports groups formed, social activities organized


  • Mindfulness meditation group
  • Worship services
  • Bible study groups
  • Vespers


  • Partnership with Project Change enables seniors to direct and produce theatrical productions with community members and at-risk youths
  • Writing workshops
  • Post-theater discussion groups with community members and students from local school
  • Website/blog with list of resources, creative writing and artwork
  • Occupational
  • Volunteer opportunities that allow seniors to make a meaningful contribution to the program
  • Wellness Committee


  • Change workshops
  • Information and referrals
  • Friendly calls and visits
  • Financial counseling