Friends House

Life Among Friends – More Than 55 Years of Friends House.

Originally founded by Quakers, Friends House was first established by members of the Religious Society of Friends with the intention of providing affordable homes for low- to moderate-income seniors. Growing on that philosophy, we’ve welcomed older adults of every race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, and religious affiliation to our progressive Life Plan Community since our inception in 1967. So, what have we learned over the last 55 years of service and how does Friends House stand out among the rest? Keep reading to find out!  


How SPICES Gave Our Community Some Flavor.

 Our ultimate mission at Friends House is to build a close-knit, enriching community through caring. By connecting residents with other seniors, volunteers, and staff, we nurture the person as a whole: that includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all individuals. To best achieve this mission, we operate under the same Quaker values set forth from the very start, which we affectionally refer to as SPICES:


Peace & Nonviolence




Stewardship & Sustainability

These humble yet significant values have been an influential part of every decision made at Friends House. From our dedicated team, providing compassionate, high-quality care, to designing a community with enrichment, sustainability, and safety as a top priority, incorporating SPICES has allowed us to create a warm, welcoming home for today’s aging seniors.


A Focus on Health. 

Friends House is a Life Plan Community, meaning we provide a full spectrum of residential and health care options. We’re passionate about offering the necessary services and facilities to ensure you can age safely and comfortably – regardless of what your future holds. Once you join our community, you have priority access to higher levels of care, should you ever need them.

Many of today’s Friends House residents came here for our independent living, which is perfect for the active aging adult who simply doesn’t want to be burdened by the never-ending hassle of home maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, and other responsibilities associated with homeownership. Additionally, many of our residents were craving more social interaction that community life can provide.

But, independent living is not our only focus; Friends House provides top-level assisted living options, for seniors requiring a little added support, as well as skilled nursing for anyone requiring regular assistance with activities of daily living. By combining insights from the latest research on aging with a profound respect for the dignity of everyone, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring our residents thrive, in addition to offering guidance to their families.


Life at Friends House.

Friends House is a community shaped by the people who live here. Our culture fosters creativity, a sense of purpose, friendships, and the ability to flourish. To keep everyone active, we regularly host concerts, lectures, dramas, and films, and there are frequent trips to attend plays, and other special events in the D.C. Metro and Baltimore areas. Furthermore, we’ve discovered that by giving our residents the opportunity to run committees and coordinate activities themselves within the community, we’ve created infinite opportunities for lifelong learning and social interactions at their own pace.

“While Friends House was originally created to offer older adults an affordable retirement living option, our attractive price comes without compromise. Our staff, resident involvement, and approach to care ensures a fulfilling experience in a secure and compassionate setting,” says Philip Burkholder, CEO. “By staying true to our founding principles, we’ve created an unmatched wellness hub for senior adults in the Greater Sandy Spring area which promotes connections that foster rich and healthy aging.”

In addition to fun events and excellent care, Friends House has something special for everyone to appreciate. Located on 62 gently rolling acres, Friends House provides walking trails, beautiful gardens, and a tranquil pond so our residents can enjoy nature and see wildlife. Our dedicated programming team coordinates music and entertainment, offers painting and sculpture classes. Finally, for the book lovers, there is a book club, a well-stocked library, and even writing workshops.


A Commitment to Growth.

From the beginning, Friends House has been dedicated to simplicity, equality, and inclusiveness. These values, which have served our community well for the last 55 years, have been instrumental to our improvement and growth. Our newest expansion, which kicked off in 2017, has allowed us to welcome more seniors to our unique community, without compromising on our principles.

This expansion has created additional housing options, including new apartments and cottages, to accommodate a wide range of income levels. However, thanks to a smart, efficient, and sustainable design, the expansion has increased the amount of green space and preserved the pastoral spirit of the Friends House campus. This redevelopment project was thoughtfully planned to uphold the natural environment, as well as create opportunities for residents to easily interact with one another, whether that be throughout the stunningly landscaped walkways and courtyards or in the various welcoming indoor common areas. Our newest homes offer modern amenities, but are simple in design, allowing our community to stay in tune with the natural surroundings. Additionally, all new residences exceed Montgomery County’s requirements for energy efficiency and promote safe, sustainable, and graceful aging in place.


Experience the Friends House Difference for Yourself.

Friends House offers today’s seniors low-maintenance living and a variety of health care services, while also providing diverse programming and encouraging social engagement. If this sounds like what your life has been missing, maybe it’s time you considered moving in with Friends. Contact us today to schedule a visit to our community and see for yourself what it’s like staying at your Friends House.